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About Us:

Singapore Application Centre for UK & Australia Universities

We are one of Singapore leading Overseas Education Consultancy, passionate about helping students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Since 2002, we have been appointed by >100 Overseas Institutions including World Top 100 Unis from the UK, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland & USA & helped thousand of students study overseas. 

FAQ: How are we able to help you?

Some people might consider applying directly to universities themselves which is feasible but it can be difficult to receive timely responses on yr queries regarding your application due to time zone differences and the high volume of applications that universities receive each week. Additionally, the visa processes and arranging accommodation can also be confusing

Let us do the heavy lifting for you! From applying to the ideal university to securing the ideal accommodation, we've got you covered!

✓  Tailored guidance aligned with individual student goals and aspirations

✓  Selecting the ideal university matching your goals

✓  Secures your desired university offer

✓  Offers comprehensive visa procedure support

✓  Faciliate accommodation application

✓  Providing Visa Guidance to students

✓  Prompt issue resolution due to our solid university partnerships (if required)

Regardless of Your Qualification, Here are some course options for you:

O/N Level Students, IGCSE, ITE Students

For O/N Level Students, IGCSE, ITE Students, you may consider the Overseas Foundation program. Instead of taking the 2 Years A Level Program or enrolling for a 3 years Polytechnic course, fastrack to a Highly Ranked UK or Australia Uni in 8-12 months upon meeting the required grades specified for your progression. This saves time which you can maybe use to pursue a master program.

*O/N Level Students can start to apply with their prelim results or sec 3 results when they receive it

A Level/IB Students

  • Scenario 1 - For those A Level & IB Students, you can proceed straight to University Year 1 if you manage to meet the University Requirements for your course. University Degrees are usually 3 years except for those who are looking for Medicine and Dentistry degrees.
  • Scenario 2- For those who are unable to qualify directly to renown UK or Australia Unis, you may wish to consider the diploma pathway program in the UK & Australia. It is equivalent to a bachelor's first year degree. After completing, you will progress to University Year 2 straightaway. Hence, you do not need to worry to be fall behind your peers. 

Polytechnic Students

For polytechnic students, you may be granted credit exemptions of 1-2 years based on your results.

Past Success Cases

We have successfully sent Hundreds of Students to Highly Ranked Universities in the UK & Australia such as:

  • Uni of Edinburgh (Top 20 in the World)
  • Uni  of New South Wales (Top 20 in the World)
  • Bristol Uni (World Top 50 University)
  • Australian National Uni (Australian No.1 Uni)
  • Uni of Auckland (New Zealand No.1 Uni )
  • Uni of Glasgow ( World Top 100 Uni)
  • Uni of Western Australia (World Top 100 Uni)
  • Uni of Adelaide (World Top 100 Uni)
  • Uni of Southampton (World Top 100 Uni)
  • Uni  of Technology Sydney (World Top 100 Uni )
  • Durham Uni (World Top 100 Uni )
  • University of Birmingham (World Top 100 Uni)
  • University of Nottingham (World Top 100 Uni)

& Many More

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