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Overseas Education Consultant trusted by thousands since 2002

Official Representative for many World Top 100 Unis

Pathways Solution Provider for students aspiring to get to the best Uni Possible

One Stop Application Centre for UK, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Ireland and Switzerland Unis, Unis, Foundation and Colleges.

Full range of options: Foundation, Bachelor and Masters programs from Law, Medicine, Engr & more

What We Do

Applying to multiple Top Universities and Colleges

Negotiating for maximum credit exemptions for Diploma to Degree Transfer

Offer Expert Guidance on entry requirement to maximise your chances

Securing on-campus housing

 Arranging airport pickup to Universities

 Pre-departure matter : Opening Bank Account, Phone Card, Visa applications

We offer Free Assistance For

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Trusted Education Consultant with more than 10 years of experience.

 Personalised Counselling on Study Pathways to meet your aspirations

We liase directly with Top Universities, Foundation Colleges and A Level Colleges

 We understand your aspirations to get to the best university possible and suggest viable alternative pathways for you.

 We arrange for you to meet face-to-face with Uni Representative when they come to Singapore.

 Most of all, our services are free and you benefit more with us working alongside with you than applying on your own!

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